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Before beginning any solar observing or photography ...

WARNING: NEVER try to look at the sun or point the telescope toward or near the sun without professional solar observing equipment rigidly secured in front of the objective lens. When observing the sun with the proper filters, use only indirect alignmnet device designed for finding the Sun. Remove any other direct view type finding devices from the telescope. Instant and permanent eye damage may result from viewing the sun directly, even during a solar eclipse, or when viewing through thin clouds, or when the sun is near the horizon.

A few items are needed before you start.

- A telescope with a Baader film solar filter over the objective lens

- A digital camera with t-ring adapter to connect camera to the telescope focusing tube

- A good sturdy telescope mount

Adjust the ISO so that fairly high shutter speeds give a good exposure 

Set Up

Set up on Televue Pronto 76mm refractor.

Transit of Venus

Taken on June 5, 2012.

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